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Friends and mail


7 Nov 2013 at 10:33

To invite people to be friends that are already a member of Smoogies:

You can click on SmoogiesNews, and click on search and type in the account name. Then click on the name of that person's account. Then you see the profile of that person.

Or you can click on SmoogiesNews, and click on Onlilne residents and click on their name.

Or on a forum topic: click on the account name of the person you want to invite a friend.

You will see next to the space for a photo, an envelope and below that a symbol of two people.That is the symbol for friends. You can click on that and invite that person to be friends.

You also see an enveloppe, that is the symbol for mail. you can click on it and send a mail to that person.


7 Nov 2013 at 10:37

forum topic from Stuart: 50sd

Invite your real life friends to Smoogies and get 50 SD!!!

What should you do:

- Go to 'Friends'
- Click 'Invite your real friends'
- Connect to your MSN contact list OR type emailaddresses of your friends manually

The friend should:

- Click the link in the email
- Register directly from that page

Have fun !!!


Just to be clear, you will get 50SD per friend who registers!

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