Information for parents/caretakers

Dear parents/ caretakers,

Smoogies is a playful way to learn responsibility over animals to your child. A virtual pet is a good way to teach this, without actual animals being harmed (and without the mess at home!)

Of course, the Internet is not without dangers. We are prepared to do and will do our utmostto keep your child protected on our websites. We have over 20 volunteering moderators (adults) who constantly work to keep your child safe on We also have implemented a word filter to block language we do not wish your child to see.

Personal information
The information that your child leaves on Smoogies is not shared with third parties, and will not be made publicly available.

Real money
Smoogies is completely free, but there is the possibility to spend money. Please note. These payments are one time fees only. We will never bill someone when this has not been ordered.

Despite the fact that we make enormous effords to keep your child safe on our websites, the ultimate responsibility here is for you as parent / carer to ensure. So keep an eye on your child as he or she is sitting at the computer.

If you have any further questions, complaints, or positive remarks about Smoogies please contact us via
the Booming Labs contactpage.


Moderators of Smoogies

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Publisher Smoogies