A. Smoogies,, and other domain names are registered trademarks owned by Booming Labs / Awex, Almere, The Netherlands. Nothing of either one of these websites (for future reference: Smoogies) may be copied, called for by external links, or in any other way duplicated or published without explicit permission from Awex, Almere, The Netherlands in writing.

B. At Smoogies we make an appeal to our members common sence in their communication with other members, website representatives or other. Nevertheless, we have set up some rules and regulations for our members and visitors to oblidge to.

1. Cursing or calling names is not allowed in chat, email, messages or by any other means of communication. This is a bannable offense.

2. Badmouthing other people or organisations, discrimination, or any other type of offensive language is not allowed in chat, email, or by any other means of communication. This is a bannable offense.

3. If the visitor/ member is requested to stop sending private messages by the receiving party, this request must be honored.

4. Disregarding other peoples values and beliefs or critisizing them is not allowed. All members should be respected in best way possible. This is a bannable offense.

5. Registration details must reflect the truth. Entering false names or details will result in removal of your profile, unless Booming Labs decides otherwise.

6. Placing sexual remarks on forums, sending them by mail or by any other means of communication is not allowed. Sexual herrassment will be reported at suitable law enforcement institutes. Trying to date on Smoogies or starting dating topics is not allowed as well.

7. When Booming Labs detects unacceptable behaviour from an adult towards a minor there will be legal consequenses. In order to prosecute offenders we keep track of all ip adresses used to acces our website(s).

8. Minors must always have permission from their parents or caretakers to register at our websites.

9. Booming Labs is not responsible for offending photo's uploaded to or posted on our websites.

10. Uploading or placing discrimintating, erotic or insinuating photo's or pictures is not allowed. Smoogies has every right to remove and ban users offending.

11. Booming Labs retains the right of removing users without any type of refund without having to explain their motives to the user in question.

12. Smoogies virtual points (SmoogieDollars or Diamonds) can not be exchanged for money or refunded. Smoogies retains the right to make changes in our virtual economy.

13. Subscribing more then once is not allowed, and is a bannable offense.

14. Placing competitive, discriminating, or erotic URL's is not allowed. This is a bannable offense.

15. Smoogies retains all right to scan and monitor private emails sent with our systems in order to have our rules and regulates oblidged to.

16. Any type of image uploaded to our website becomes property of Booming Labs

17. On all Smoogies websites international laws apply

18. By registering on Smoogies you allow Booming Labs to send you emails with information, notification about your pets and commercial offers. This permission can be withdrawn by the user at all times under 'Settings'.

19. Gaining acces to other members accounts in any way is not allowed. This includes hacking, guessing other peoples passwords etc.

C. On disregaring one or more of our rules and regulations certain fees apply, such as permanent banning, temporary banning, or legal procedures. In order to maintain our rules and regulations, we keep track of ip adresses and personal information of our members and visitors. This information will not be shared by other parties.

D. Our virtual pets and the design of Smoogies is property of Booming Labs and may not be reproduced in any way without explicit written permission from Booming Labs.

E. The dutch version of these rules and regulations, to be read at prevails over any other translation.