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looking for any smoogies. Plz message me if u are selling an
selling smoogie

selling a quarter for: 1,000SD and a glopsie for: 2,300SD
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Looking For Girl Iny and Nera Message Me
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Golden Inys

Is anyone selling any golden inys for cheap? Message Me!
Selling Worm

Look on my profile asking 1000
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School Project

SmoogieVille, 26 Dec 2013 at 15:32 Hi, we heard that there is a schoolproject that has Smoogies as example how to earn dollars and save up dollars. We wish all the participants to the schoolproject lots of success! And you can always ask the moderators a question if there is anything that you want to know. | Reply

Christmas tree in toystore

SmoogieVille, 24 Dec 2013 at 11:11 The Chrtistmas tree is available in the toystore. Click on SmoogiesVille and then on toystore and choose the Christmas tree. Merry Christmas everyone!!!!! | Reply

friends and mail

SmoogieVille, 7 Nov 2013 at 10:33 To invite people to be friends that are already a member of Smoogies: You can click on SmoogiesNews, and click on search and type in the account name. Then click on the name of that person's account. Then you see the profile of that person. Or you can click on SmoogiesNews, and click on Onlilne residents and click on their name. Or on a forum topic: click on the account name of the person you want to invite a friend. You will see next to the space for a photo, an envelope and below that a symbol of two people.That is the symbol for friends. You can click on that and invite that person to be friends. You also see an enveloppe, that is the symbol for mail. you can click on it and send a mail to that person. | Reply

Wealthiest resident

SmoogieVille Rita is the wealthiest resident at the moment with 11.500.149 SD. | More financials

New: Easter egg

SmoogieVille, 12 Apr 2011 at 09:56 A new toy is temporary available: Easter egg You can purchase this toy in the toy store. This is a temporary special item, and will not be generated as favorite item for a pet. Stuart | Reply