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Buying pet section


27 Dec 2007 at 01:47

This section of the forum is for putting up adds so people can see who is buying pets. Do not put posts here if you are selling a pet. There is a section in the forums called "Selling" where you would post your add for selling your pet.


27 Dec 2007 at 06:28

buying any pets for 50 points


27 Dec 2007 at 06:30

looking for gorrie


27 Dec 2007 at 06:51

lookingm for a cheap pet


27 Dec 2007 at 11:55

I made this topic so people know not to sell there pets in the section i didn't mean for you to post adds in here if that what u thoguht it meant

i think making ur own topic for a add would work a lot better then puting a post in here


27 Dec 2007 at 15:55

who are you?????????????????????????????


27 Dec 2007 at 16:19

Well, oza, I'm not sure... I mean it's not like your idea isn't thoughtful. But it would be nice to have an area to let people know what they want to sell or buy, gal...


27 Dec 2007 at 17:31

closed this topic as its only an introduction for the big topic

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