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My Smoogies Review!!!
Smoogies is a virtual pet site for kids with cute pets. You have to visit it every day or every few days in order to take care of your pets and make sure they don't die, but luckily you can turn on Holiday Mode if you aren't able to take care of your pets for a while.
Pros: You can dress them up, feed them, give them toys and a house, etc. The pets are also breedable with the same species and with different species to create crossbreeds, which is cool.
Cons: Real money is required for PLUS (which allows you to put a custom profile background as well have more pets, messages and photos). Also, the site has been abandoned and no new games or features are being added to it, and the forums aren't very active.
Rating: 8/10.
Summary: Cute site but a bit too restricted for non-PLUS members and a bit inactive.